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About Us

We understand the challenges of staying connected, and it’s our mission to remove any barriers that stand in your way.

We’re a team of dedicated professionals and tech geeks who are always on the move and want to make mobile better for those who need to stay connected.

We knew we could solve many coverage problems without forcing customers to buy a new smartphone, antenna, or other equipment – or worse – change carriers.

To do this, we combined emerging new technologies with existing high-speed cellular networks and the advanced capabilities of today’s smartphones.

That’s how Ride Mobile was born.

Our Solution

Our breakthrough solution doesn’t require our customers to change equipment, switch carriers, or make any drastic adjustments.

Instead, we provide a seamless way to enhance mobile experience and stay connected wherever a viable signal exists. That’s the Ride Mobile advantage.

Our Mission

Making Connectivity Seamless

At Ride Mobile, our mission is to transform the landscape of mobile connectivity. We strive to fill in the blanks on your coverage map, enabling more access so you can communicate clearly and effectively in more locations. It’s our goal to ensure that “dead zones” become a relic of the past. We work tirelessly to make your connectivity seamless, reliable, and effortless, connecting you to more people and places that matter the most.

Bridging the Digital Divide

Ride Mobile recognizes that connectivity is vital in today’s world. Our goal is to bridge the global digital divide using innovative technology and existing networks. Regardless of distance, we aim to maintain your connection.


What our customers say

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